Erasmus+ Outgoing

Studying abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad? You can inform yourself about the different opportunities preferably here.

On this website you will find all subject-specific information regarding the topic of Erasmus+ student exchange in the field of Linguistics. Please read this information carefully. If you have further questions, please turn to the mobility coordinator of our department.

Please make sure to also read the International Office's checklist and information sheets carefully as they include important general (not subject-related) details:

Please note  that it is not possible to use an extension curriculum (»Erweiterungscurriculum« - EC) for an Erasmus+ stay as most extension curricula are only offered with 15 ECTS which excludes a full time study of 30 ECTS during an Erasmus+ stay.

Partner universities

Germany: Universität Potsdam (Erasmus code: D Potsdam01)
at least German B1, for BA; period of stay: 2 full year places (each 2 semester)

Finland: Tampere University (Erasmus code: SF Tampere17)
at least English C1, Finnish B2, for BA; period of stay: 1 full year place (2 semester)

France: Université Paris Descartes (Erasmus code: F Paris005)
at least French B2, for BA or MA or PhD; period of stay: 1 semester place

- Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Erasmus code: I Roma16)
at least Italian B1, for BA; period of stay: 1 semester place
- Università degli studi di Genova (Erasmus code: I Genova01)
at least Italian B1, for BA or MA; period of stay: 2 places for 1 semester each

If available you can find further details of the respective partner university in the form of an information sheet on this website of the International Office.

Places to study

The prerequisite for an Erasmus+ stay is that there is an agreement arranged in our field of study with the university abroad. Under this list you can search for available places in our field of study.

In case there is a full year place arranged with the partner university you can also apply for a semester place. In case you use a semester place in the winter semester there is the possibility to apply for an extension to the following summer semester.


The Erasmus+ programme aims at regular students of the University of Vienna. In case you are a bachelor student it is also necessary that you are at least in the 3rd semester of the relevant field of study when starting your Erasmus+ stay at the partner university.

Language certificate

For all partner universities having a different language of instruction than German it is necessary to have a language certificate when applying for an Erasmus+ stay. The proof of the adequate language level has to be provided already by the time of application; it is required that the exam day is not older than four years when applying for the Erasmus+ stay. In case you apply for several countries with different language requirements, several certificates would be required.

The specific requirements are defined by the respective partner university. The specific level for each place can be found in the agreement's details in the Outgoing portal (information icon on the left side of the row, next to »Universität Wien«). Please also contact your favoured university directly in order to find out which specific language requirements are demanded and whether they want an additional language certificate (f.i. TOEFL, IELTS etc.). 

Further information on this topic can be found here.

Application deadlines

During the main application round places are assigned for the winter semester, for the summer semester or for the full academic year. Remaining available places for the summer semester are assigned during the second application round

The application deadlines can be found on the website of the International Office. There are no earlier application deadlines on part of the department. Available places for the main application round will be announced mid/end of January, the remaining places for the second application round mid-September here.

Application procedure

There are several steps to be completed during the application. The International Office provides detailed non-subject-specific information concerning the topic of application on their website where also information sessions are offered.

Submit your application in Mobility Online

Mobility Online is an online tool where applications are submitted and stays abroad are administered. For applying to a place arranged in our field of study you need to submit your application in Mobility Online as a first step where you have to upload the following documents:

  • Transcript of records
  • Letter of motivation
  • Language certificate(s) (in case the language of instruction is not German, see above)
  • Proof of identity (passport or national ID card, no driver's licence)
  • CV

Please be aware that there is no possibility to register for an application in Mobility Online after the unexceptional general application deadline.

Apply at your mobility coordinator at the department

As a further step you have to apply for your desired place at your mobility coordinator in the form of a personal conversation during the mentioned consultation hours before the end of the application deadline. Please bring the above mentioned documents with you. It is not necessary to arrange an appointment, but please consider possible current announcements of the department.

Selection criteria:

  1. Formal qualifications are fulfilled
  2. Academic achievements and progress (at least completed StEOP)
  3. Content and argumentation of your application described in your letter of motivation

In case of a high amount of applications more advanced students will be preferred over students with less semesters. If the study progress is equal students with a better grade point average will be favoured.


As a next step you would be nominated by the mobility coordinator for an Erasmus+ stay. The students who have been nominated will be contacted by the International Office via e-mail where they receive detailed information about the documents they will have to submit.

Course Choice and Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement

Detailed information on the Learning Agreement can be found on the website of the International Office. In the Learning Agreement it is defined which courses and how many ECTS credits you are going to complete during your stay. You create the Learning Agreement directly via your Mobility Online workflow.

Please gather information on the course offer at your host university, compare their study plan to ours and talk to your directorate of studies (»Studienprogrammleitung«) and your mobility coordinator about the courses you plan to attend. At our department the filled in Learning Agreement will then be signed by the mobility coordinator and has to be uploaded in Mobility Online afterwards.

Please inform yourself when the Learning Agreement has to be submitted to your host university. Please be aware that it is your responsibility that the host university receives the Learning Agreement in time (normally the partner universities require the document as part of the registration procedure). Should the host university not require the Learning Agreement for your registration, please send a scan from the Learning Agreement to the partner university by yourself to get it signed by them. After receiving the signature from the partner university please upload the signed version of the Learning Agreement in Mobility Online.

ECTS and courses

Students should basically complete courses to an extent of 30 ECTS credits during one Eramus+ semester. In order to receive an Erasmus+ grant, a minimum of 3 ECTS per month recognised at the University of Vienna is required. Detailed information regarding this topic can be found here

Should you do research for your master thesis or PhD thesis during your Erasmus+ stay, this is confirmed in the Learning Agreement by mentioning the title of the thesis and the signature of your supervisor. In that case you normally do not have to attend any courses, however, some host universities can ask you to attend a few courses nevertheless.

Please clarify with your host university which courses you are allowed to take as an incoming student. In order to make the course choice easier, it is recommended to save optional courses (»freie Wahlfächer/Pflichtfächer« or »Alternative Erweiterungen«) for the Eramus+ stay (BA/MA) as their recognition is mostly easier. In our field of study the following guideline is in place: all PS, SE or BA papers written abroad have to be brought with you for the course recognition.

Changes to the Learning Agreement

As in most cases the course catalogue will be published at your host university only shortly before the semester starts it is understandable if you have to change your course programme later on again. Amendments have to be declared to the directorate of studies first and then to the mobility coordinator to guarantee the recognition after your return. Please declare changes as soon as possible.

For amending your Learning Agreement you have to create a Learning Agreement »During the Mobility« directly in Mobility Online. There you mention the modified course choice and send it to the directorate of studies and the mobility coordinator to ask for the signature. Please also inform yourself about the changing procedure at your host university. Once the Learning Agreement »During the Mobility« is also signed by our department and the host university, please upload it in Mobility Online. Further information concerning the topic of Learning Agreement »During the Mobility« can be found here.

Course recognition

After returning from your Erasmus+ stay you create the Learning Agreement »After the Mobility« in Mobility Online and let the courses you completed abroad get recognised within the frame of your studies at your directorate of studies. For this you also need the transcript of records from the host university. After that step please upload the transcript of records and the Learning Agreement »After the Mobility« and/or the letter of recognition (»Anerkennungsbescheid«) in Mobility Online.