Vortrag - Resumptive Prolepsis - an alternative to long A'-movement in German (and beyond) am 29.05.2017


Am Montag, 29. Mai 2017, hält Herr Dr. Martin Salzmann einen Vortag, zu dem wir herzlich einladen.

Zeit: 13.15 Uhr

Ort: Seminarraum 3, Sensengasse 3a, 1.OG



In Modern German, long-distance relativization is marked if not ungrammatical. What speakers use instead is a construction with local relativization where the relative pronoun is preceded by the preposition von ‘of’ and semantically related to a position in the complement clause that is occupied by a coreferential pronoun (der Mann, von dem ich glaube, dass Maria ihn mag 'the man of whom I believe that Mary likes him'). I will argue that the construction is much more complex than one may initially think: What makes this construction particularly intriguing are its conflicting

properties: On the one hand, there is evidence that the A‑'-moved constituent originates in the matrix clause; at the same time, there are good reasons to posit an A‑-dependency linking it with the coreferential pronoun in the complement clause. I will argue that the conflict can be straightforwardly resolved by an indirect dependency where predication in the complement clause licenses an extra constituent in the matrix clause, the proleptic object. Ellipsis plays a crucial role in relating the proleptic object to the pronoun, which is analyzed as a resumptive.