Johanna Lalouschek, MA PhD

Foto Johanna Lalouschek


- Brief professional biography/academic cv

1978-1985Studies in linguistics and psychology at the University of Vienna
1985M.A. in linguistics („The management of social relations in TV-talks“)
1992PhD. in applied linguistics („Communication trainings for medical students“)

Research associate in 15 interdisciplinary research programmes at the Departments of Applied Linguistics, Medical Psychology and Sociology – Vienna University, Institute for Higher Studies (IHS), Ministry of Education

Thematic areas: discourse analysis and professional talk,
institutional communication in education, medicine and nursing,
communication in media and public health

1989-2003Research stays at the Universities of Hamburg, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Cologne, Witten-Herdecke (all Germany),
research fellow at the Alexander-von-Humbold-Foundation (Bonn),
research fellow at the Charlotte-Bühler-Programme (Vienna)
since 1987Founder of the linguistic counseling office „Forschungs-Zone“,
working as a scientific and linguistic consultant for research groups and clients working in communication-intensive professions
since 1992Assistant professor at the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Vienna
thematic areas: empiricial methods and discourse analysis,
communication in medicine, nursing, public health and (old) media,
discourse-analytic based communication trainings
2002-2011Lecturer and linguistic consultant at the anthroposophical University of Witten-Herdecke, Departments of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing Science


- Overview of main research fields, most important activities and achievements 2014-2020


Patient involvement and modern forms of medical communication

Lalouschek, J. 2014. Anliegensklärung im ärztlichen Gespräch – Patientenbeteiligung und neue Formen medizinischer Kommunikation. In: Menz, F. (ed) Linguistische Verfahren der Patientenbeteiligung und Verständnissicherung in ärztl. Gesprächen. Vienna Univ Press)


- Most important teaching and supervision activities and achievements 2014-2020


MA-courses for the development of discourse-analytical based communication trainings for clients working in communication-intensive professions