Government Phonology Round Table 2019 (GPRT2019)

Recommendations for accommodation

We are currently looking into cheap options for accommodation, in particular for students. One option that has come up so far is the Collegium Pazmaneum. It is owned by the Catholic church and somewhat strict in its regulations (silence between 22:00 and 08:00) and basic (shared rooms, shared bathroom etc.), but cheap (€20–25/night; no breakfast) and very close to the linguistics department. If you are interested note it down under "other requests" in the registration form or send an e-mail to (They do not allow me to block off a certain number of rooms, so every request needs to be checked back with them on an individual basis.)

Further options will be listed on this page once they come up.

Vienna is of course a tourist hot spot, so there are numerous other types of accommodation you can find. But since it is very popular in late spring/early summer, we recommend you book early.